And the CCSG award goes to ...

15 June 2017

The yearly EAIT Postgraduate Conference at UQ is an event that showcases the research being undertaken by postgraduate students within the faculty and provides an opportunity to promote collaboration between external research groups, academics and industry supporters.

At this year's EAIT Postgraduate Conference on 6 June 2017, Ms Gloria Monsalve Bravo won the special category prize: The CCSG - Best Presentation in the Field of Unconventional Gas Resources Award.

She is a PhD student from the School of Chemical Engineering, and her presentation was titled "Transport in mixed-matrix membranes: Tailoring filler transport into the permeation model". CCSG Director Andrew Garnett presented Ms Bravo with the award sponsored by CCSG and its members organisations.

Second place presentation in the same category was awarded to PhD student Tianhang Bai from the School of Mechanical & Mining Engineering. Other research theme prizes awarded within water, energy, health, and information engineering among others were also sponsored by CCSG.

The underlying theme for this year's EAIT Postgraduate conference was innovation and entrepreneurship.