Final project reports

Scoping study for material carbon abatement via carbon capture and storage: Final project reports

The project was aimed at providing information and analysis to inform the broader debate on how Australia might contribute to climate change mitigation and on the suitability of the Surat Basin for large-scale Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) as a part of this.

50 project reports have been delivered as part of the scoping study.

Key reports

Executive summary Extended socio-economic-technical summary
Main Project Report China engagement: Special edition

Technical volumes

The following individual reports are filed mainly as “working papers” in order to provide a research resource in advance of full, independent peer-reviewed journal publications.

Social impact

Geological & geophysical analyses

Dynamic modelling

Static modelling

Hub architecture & development

Groundwater assessments

Site appraisal

Economics & regulations

Literature review

“The project scoped the safe and secure injection scheme with up to 13 million tonnes per annum of emissions captured for well over 30 years under very conservative assumptions. This amount is equivalent to taking 2.8 million cars off the road every year and represents a much-needed materiality which other schemes can’t match”

- Professor Andrew Garnett