The following educational institutions and organisations are project collaborators either assisting with fundamental research or providing data:

  • Adelaide School of Petroleum (MICP analyses)
  • Australia Pacific LNG (Managed Aquifer Recharge data)
  • ANU Centre for Advanced Microscopy (QEMSCAN)
  • Armour Energy (technical advice and industry data)
  • Australia Pacific LNG (MAR data)
  • Bridgeport Energy (NEW HOPE GROUP)¬†(Moonie field data & static model)
  • China University of Geoscience (Wuhan)
  • China University of Mining and Technology (Beijing)
  • China University of Petroleum (Beijing)
  • CS Energy (groundwater data)
  • Carbon Transport & Storage Company (CTS Co) (subsurface data and technical review)
  • Dirk Kirste (mineral scripts)
  • Geological Survey of Queensland (QDEX Database - Queensland Digital Exploration database)
  • Queensland Government (Department of Natural Resources, Mines & Energy (DNRME) Office of Groundwater Impact Assessment (OGIA)
  • Santos (industry data)
  • Shell-QGC (Industry advice and well completion data for deep exploration wells, geological formation and other key industry data for Woleebee Creek GW4 and Kenya East GW7)
  • Geological Survey of New South Wales (DIGSR - Digital 10Imaging Geological System database)
  • Institute of Sociology, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
  • Shaanxi Yangchang Petroleum (Group) Co Ltd (Yanchang)
  • The UK-China (Guangdong) CCUS Centre
  • Western Down Regional Council (regional data)


The following software companies have donated academic software licenses for research projects.

  • Computer Modelling Group (CMG) (CMOST), GEM)
  • Schlumberger¬†(Eclipse, Petrel, PIPESIM, Techlog)
  • Rock Flow Dynamics¬†
  • GeoTeric
  • IHS Markit (WellTest)


This report was prepared for The University of Queensland Surat Deep Aquifer Appraisal Project (UQ-SDAAP), a 3-year, $5.5 million project funded by the Australian Government through the Carbon Capture and Storage Research Development and Demonstration (CCS RD&D) program, by Coal 21, and The University of Queensland.