Social and economic changes in Qld gasfield communities

2 August 2018

The development of a liquefied natural gas (LNG) from coal seam gas (CSG) industry in Queensland has been a catalyst for change in communities of the Western Downs, Isaac, Maranoa and Toowoomba regions. With four large CSG to LNG projects occurring in the region simultaneously, cumulative effects for local communities became apparent.

University of Queensland research has revealed the latest social and economic changes that have occurred in communities located within Queensland’s gasfields region gathered during 2017-18. Research assessed the longitudinal data on social and economic indicators together with community members’ own interpretations of the lived experience across ten Queensland town communities.

University of Queensland Research Fellow Dr Katherine Witt, presented results during five regional forums hosted by CCSG and GasFields Commission Queensland in May 2018.

Reports are available for the following town communities:

Research involves obtaining social and economic indicator data from the ABS and ATO, analysing short-term and long term trends, and then assessing the cumulative impacts of coal seam gas development for Queensland town communities. Changes reflected in the indicator data are verified and discussed with community members during ‘ground truthing’ interviews. An overall report summarising changes across key towns for Queensland's gasfield communities is published annually. 

For more information contact Dr Katherine Witt phone: +61 7 3346 3442 or visit