UQ engages with China on energy and climate in October

2 October 2019

UQ Honorary Professor, Jim Underschultz, has been furthering UQ's engagement with China, delving into the global issue of low carbon energies during a visit to Taiyuan Shanxi in China this October.

Professor Undershultz started the week attending the Summit Forum of Taiyuan Energy Low Carbon Development Forum on 22 October 2019.

The following day, he gave a well received talk as a plenary speaker at the 'Exploitation and Application of Unconventional Natural Gas Sub Forum 2' on 23 October 2019. His talk was titled 'The current situation of coal seam gas technology in Australia'. See photo above: Liang Weiguo, Vice President of Taiyuan University of Technology; Jim Underschultz, Professor, Centre for Natural Gas, The University of Queensland; Zhang Suian,Professor, China University of Petroleum (Beijing); Shi Baofeng, President of China Resources Gas Group Limited; Li Hongshuang, Chairman of Shanxi Jincheng Anthracite Mining Group Co. Ltd; Zhang Baoming, Vice Governor of Shanxi Shanxi Provincial Government; Yu Jin, Chairman of China United Coalbed Methane Company Ltd; Guo Jiaofeng, Prof. Development Research Center of the State Council; Wang Baoyu, General Manager of Shanxi Gas Group Co. Ltd; Guo Benguang, Vice General Manager of China United Coalbed Methane Company Ltd; Li Guofu, Executive Director of State Key Laboratory of Coal and Coalbed Methane Co-mining.

Later that week on 26 October, Professor Underschultz was a Guest Speaker at Taiyuan University of Technology, giving a talk titled 'Coal seam gas and CCS in Australia'.  He also had the chance to take a tour of their labs and meet with Prof Liang Weiguo  (Vice President of the University) and Prof Fangui Zeng (who has been to previous Australian CBM delegations from China at UQ and has a lab at Taiyuan University of Technology). A particularly enjoyable part of the trip was a half day session with local students, leading a vibrant questions and answers session.