Workshops helping landholders' understanding of groundwater resources

19 September 2017

The Department of Natural Resources and Mines (DNRM) of Queensland Government is organising groundwater workshops in five different locations in gas fields development regions on 16-20 October (Injune, Wallumbilla, Taroom, Noonga and Wandoan). 

'Groundwater Net' is a community-based groundwater monitoring group for landholders to help foster an understanding of landholders' groundwater resources in areas where resource development such as coal seam gas or mining is occurring or proposed.

Regular monitoring provides bore owners with valuable information on aquifer trends, pump performance and potential bore maintenance issues. It may also give early warning of any impacts from other users, including the resource industry.

The workshops will include:

  • The local area 'Annual Status Report' comparing monitoring data sourced from landholders, departmental loggers and CSG companies.
  • Presentations by resource company hydrogeologists.
  • Research being undertaken by The University of Queensland including carbon storage, groundwater recharge, water use and aquifer interconnectivity by Professor Jim Underschultz, Chair in Water at the Centre for Coal Seam Gas.

For more information about groundwater monitoring, visit DNRM's website.