The China-Australia Academy of Unconventional Petroleum Research

26 September 2016
Coalbed methane/ coal seam gas resource development is growing in importance to Chinese and Australian economies as a significant long term energy source. With 6 new LNG chains operating in Queensland by the end of 2016, it is ramping up to some 1500 PJ/yr export to SE Asian customers. China CBM production is heading towards 20 billion m3/yr for its domestic gas market. 
The China University of Petroleum-Beijing (CUPB) and the University of Queensland (UQ) each have significant research programs in various aspects of CBM/CSG development.  These programs are tightly linked with and sponsored by the CBM/CSG industries in China and Australia. The China University of Petroleum-Beijing and The University of Queensland have established a joint CBM/CSG international research academy (The China-Australia Academy of Unconventional Petroleum Research). This research academy will investigate industrial challenges present in both China and Australia to develop potential research solutions. 
As part of the establishment of The China-Australia Academy of Unconventional Petroleum Research, a China-Australia Unconventional Gas Forum is being held in Beijing November 7-9th 2016. The CUP-UQ CBM/CSG workshop will be both an opportunity to hear of current research in Australia and China and also an opportunity for discussion sessions on current industry technical challenges and possible future research solutions.  Beyond the research, a PESA “Deal Day” on the 3rd day will provide industry the opportunity to showcase acreage and farm-in opportunities. There will also be opportunities to tour the CUP laboratory facilities and enjoy networking social events. For more information go to the China-Australia Unconventional Gas Forum webpage.