Geology of the Surat Basin

May 2014October 2016
The geological framework model is being utilised in several of the Centre's other projects, particularly in the water and geosciences research areas; and will also incorporate relevant data developed through these other research initiatives.

Geology of the Surat Basin

The project developed a base case static model and provide analysis and work flow for using alternative techniques for understanding geological variation (heterogeneity). The project also used a range of scientific techniques to analyse key geological incidents which have occurred over the geological timescale in the Surat Basin to improve understanding of geological features and processes.

Natural gas companies and regulatory agencies use geological models in decision-making processes regarding the industry. The geological models used by each organisation can vary based on data availability and interpretation and are often focus on specific locations relevant to company operations. This project aims to develop a consistent and unified Surat Basin framework model to provide an improved shared understanding of the geology of the basin. It will provide a regional scale reference model for all users. This model will be updated as new well data is acquired during coal seam gas (CSG) development.

This project was broken into 5 sub-projects. This was a key integrating project, building on the work of the hydrocarbons analysis project and providing inputs to the water atlas and reservoir modelling projects.


  • Publication: Hentschel A, Esterle JS, Golding SD, Pacey DV (2016), Petrologic and stable isotopic study of the Walloon Coal Measures, Surat Basin, Queensland: peat accumulation under changing climate and base level, International Journal of Coal Geology, 160-161, 11-27.
  • Research poster: Surat Supermodel II - An integrated geological framework for CSG - Study area, Centre Annual Review (2015)
  • Research poster: Surat Supermodel II - An integrated geological framework for CSG - Facies modelling, Centre Annual Review (2015)
  • Research poster: Surat Supermodel II - An integrated geological framework for CSG - Geological modelling, Centre Annual Review (2015)
  • Research poster: Provenance of the Springbok Sandstone, Surat Basin, QLD, Centre Annual Review (2015)
  • Research poster: Palynology of the Jurassic-Cretaceous transition, northern Surat Basin, Centre Annual Review (2015)
  • Research poster: The Walloon-Birkhead Transition - Changes in coal and interburden character, Centre Annual Review (2015)
  • Research poster: Controls on the Geometry, Stratigraphic Distribution and Quality of Coals of the Middle to Upper Jurassic Strata in Eastern Aust, Cemtre Annual Review (2015)
  • Geological static model: Base-case geological static model for the Surat Basin
  • Work flows and algorithms: for acquiring, processing and integrating data
  • Alternate upscaling approaches
  • Project reports
  • Project status: Complete
  • Project title: Geological framework model for the Surat Cumulative Management Area (Surat and southern Bowen Basin)
  • Project leader: Professor Joan Esterle
  • Project team: Professor Steve Tyson
  • Research group: The University of Queensland Centre for Natural Gas (formerly known as The University of Queensland Centre for Coal Seam Gas) & The University of Queensland School of Earth Sciences
  • Timeframe: May 2014 - October 2016
  • Project funders: APLNG, Arrow Energy, Santos, QGC, University of Queensland