Jim has over 35 years of experience in petroleum hydrogeology, unconventional hydrocarbons and carbon storage research. Jim has previously held senior science management positions at Australian National Low Emissions Coal R&D as General Manager Science, and at CSIRO as Theme Leader for Unconventional Petroleum and Geothermal Energy R&D.

His recent research has focused on petroleum hydrodynamics of faulted strata and the incorporation of hydrodynamics into seals analysis. He gained international prominence through his work on the design and implementation of measurement, monitoring and verification (MM&V) strategies for sub-surface injection.

Jim was formerly based in the University of Queensland’s Centre for Natural Gas working closely with various water-related researchers across the University such as the Centre for Water in the Minerals Industry (CWiMI) and Advanced Water Management Centre (AWMC).  He is now an Honorary Professor for The University of Queensland.