UQ Winter Research Project: Recharge into Great Artesian Basin aquifers (2 students)

Project title
Recharge into Great Artesian Basin aquifers 
Project description

The Great Artesian Basin covers 22% of Australia, and is a crucial water source for unique spring ecosystems, whilst also supporting agriculture and rural water supplies. Rates of recharge into groundwater aquifers of the Great Artesian Basin (GAB) are highly variable.

UQ-CNG currently has several projects investigating recharge rates in different geological formations and at different locations across the GAB. This information is critical to understanding the Basin’s hydrological processes, the availability of water resources, and the impact of groundwater use on groundwater dependent ecosystems.

The specific investigations to be undertaken by the students will depend on their expertise, but may include morphology, hydrogeology, geochemistry, groundwater flow modelling or other matters relevant to the projects.


Expected outcomes and deliverables

  • The students will gain experience in collating data from large government databases, and applying this to understand the hydrogeology of selected areas within the GAB.
  • The students will assemble/maintain a research database and prepare a short written report to document their investigations and findings.

Project suitability

This project would suit students with interests in hydrogeology, geochemistry, groundwater flow modelling and groundwater dependent ecosystems. GIS and/or remote sensing skills would be an advantage but are not a requirement. Applicants should be interested in hydrogeological processes and the importance of groundwater resources in supporting environmental, economic, cultural and social outcomes.

Project duration
4-5 weeks

Closing date for applications
18 April 2021

Primary Supervisors
Associate Professor Phil Hayes

Dr Harald Hofmann

For further information
Please contact Ms Helen Schultz, by email or tel 3346 3007