UQ Summer Research Project: What happens when coal seam gas projects come to an end?

Project title

What happens when coal seam gas projects come to an end? A global literature review.

Project description

The initial development of a coal seam gas industry in Queensland around 2010 was a time of both excitement and contention. The first three main projects stated a lifetime of approximately 25-30 years. One of the main concerns about coal seam gas development was what would happen after the wells stop producing and the gasfields are decommissioned.

The aim of this project is to collect and review literature and case studies from where oil and gas fields have been decommissioned already across the world to identify the types of issues that arose and how they were addressed (there may not be a lot of literature, but we will be creative and see what we can find). From this, we hope to distil key learnings for the Queensland experience.

Expected outcomes and deliverables

  • A framework for analysis of the literature
  • ​A report/draft manuscript summarising relevant literature

​Project suitability

This project would suit a student interested in a life-cycle approach to resource development, with a focus on social aspects and risk perceptions. The student must have excellent English language skills. A strength would be good library and database search skills. There is an opportunity to co-author a published paper, which is an asset for anyone considering a PhD.