UQ Summer Research Project: Financing the transition to a low carbon future

Project title

Financing the transition to a low carbon future: Comparing investment data to media headlines.

Project description

Media reporting over the recent years has focused on decisions by large-scale financial investors to redirect their funds away from the oil and gas sector. However, preliminary review of global data indicates that the value of financial investment in the sector is continuing to increase. This project will:

  • Investigate financial investment data over the last 10 years to identify emerging trends in investment patterns.
  • Analyse media reporting of investment decisions.
  • Compare the findings of investment data analysis with those of the media reporting analysis

The project also includes conducting a short literature review to identify key research in this field.

Expected outcomes and deliverables

The project will develop:

  • a dataset of financial investment information
  • a dataset of media reporting
  • a literature review of existing research
  • a short report highlighting national and international trends in investment in the oil and gas sector and how this compares with the messaging contained in media headlines

Project suitability (suitable for two students)

  1. Financial investment sub-project: A student with a background in economics and/or institutional investment
  2. Media reporting sub-project: A student with a background in communications and media analysis