Reports and Presentations


Recharge estimation in the Surate Basin Stage 1 final report

SME study final report; Measuring economic trends and benefits of CSG development on local businesses 

Conference presentations

Water atlas 2


Onshore Gas Student Research Expo Posters presented 

Karina Barbosa, Developing a synthetic grid block model for coal seam in the Surat Basin 

Fabio Terzinin Soares, Response of relative permeability to coal wettability through steady-state core flooding measurements

Rui Li, Dynamics of reservoir pressure and the influences on coal seam gas production

Fei Ren, Pulsed arc electrohydraulic discharge stimulation of coal seam interburden for gas development

Jennifer Cooling, Palynology of the Jurassic-Cretaceous transition, northern Surat Basin

Travis Mitchell, Computational modelling of counter-current multiphase flows in CSG wellbores

Astrid Hentschel, The use of stable carbon isotope trends as a correlation tool: an example from the Surat Basin, Australia

Tianhang Bai, Impact of flow regimes on coal fines generation during coal seam gas (CSG) production

Zhenhua Jing, Chemical oxidant stimulation of coal seams to increase coal seam permeability

Nima Noraei Danesh, An investigation on impact of creep on coal permeability and gas drainage efficiency

Mohamed Sedek, NMO correction and full common depth point velocity and anisotropy estimation in anisotropic and lateral heterogenous media using possibilities matrix

Benjamin Wu, A review of flow maps to validate and develop modelled predictions

Jon McCullough, Proppant transport modelling using thermal LBM-DEM

Jie Yi, Micro-scale simulation of bubble-water flow in coal seam gas reservoirs by Lattice Boltzmann method

Hla Shwe, Gas injection trial for gas storage potential - Bonanza CSG field 

Shilo Mahoney, The effect of rank, lithotype and roughness on contact angle measurements in coal cleats

Archana Patel, Nanoparticles with potential to stabilise smectite clays in coal seam gas reservoirs

Qin Li, A new method for determining the equivalent permeability of a cleat dominated coal sample

Hamish Wilson, Estimating anisotropy from seismic data via velocity analysis methods

Saswata Mukherjee, Structural controls on in situ stress and fractures in the Walloon Subgroup, Surat Basin


Bibliography of CSG social science research