Well integrity

November 2015August 2016

- Provides the first connected leak path modelling (more work is in train)
- Initial work suggests flow of gas up (or water down) is negligable
This project developed a flow simulation model in order to understand the potential impacts of a hypothetical well integrity failures. 

Coal seam gas wells are designed and constructed to ensure an environmentally sound and safe production of gas and other fluids. This includes a well integrity standard to prevent potential shallow gas migration. Management of well integrity is required throughout the life-cycle of a well in addition to finding solutions to reduce the possible risk of uncontrolled gas release. Although there are strict regulations and guidelines in place for CSG well integrity, it is important to understand the consequences for an unlikely well integrity breach event.

The two types of failure conditions used to test a well integrity breach were:

  1. A potential flow-path between a CSG reservoir and a shallow aquifer via a hypothetical cement micro-annulus, and
  2. A potential flow-path between a CSG well and a shallow aquifer via a hypothetical small hole in an intermediate casing string.

For this project the aim was to inform possible flow directions and rates for illustrative purposes only. This work will inform future studies on shallow gas migration and risk.


  • A short technical report of the modelling approach.
  • A set of illustrative slides based on the report.
  • Computer simulations of models and journal publication.


  • Project status: Complete
  • Project leader: Professor Suzanne Hurter
  • Research team: Professor Andrew Garnett
  • Research group: The University of Queensland Centre for Natural Gas (formerly known as The University of Queensland Centre for Coal Seam Gas) & The University of Queensland School of Earth Sciences
  • Timeframe: November 2015 - August 2016
  • Project funders: APLNG, Arrow Energy, Santos, QGC, University of Queensland


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