Dr. Peng Suping is an academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, director of National Key Lab for Coal Resources and Safe Mining (China University of Mining and Technology), director of the United Gas-converted Fuel Cells Research Center of China University of Mining and Technology (Beijing) – Shanghai Jiaotong University, professor specially engaged in “Changjiang River Scholar Plan” of the Ministry of Education, Doctoral Advisor, Class-1 Professor. He is a member of the Expert Consultant Committee for the National Leading Group in Charge of Energy, the convoker of the Review Group for the subject “Geological Resource and Geological Engineering” of the Committee of Academic Evaluation of State Council, member of the Expert Consultant Committee for the energy sector of National “973 Plan”, member of the Science and Technology Commission of the Ministry of Education, member of the National Coal Industry Committee of Technology, member of the Geology Review Group of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, member of the Special Expert Team for National Moon Exploring Project (Third Phase), chief expert for the coal geology and survey sector of National “653 Project”, member of the Guidance Committee for China CO2 Capturing and Sealing Guidelines Project, executive director of China Coal Society, honorary director of the Coalfield Geology Special Committee of China Coal Society and the Geological Society of China, vice president of China Public Security Society, executive director of China Energy Research Association and director of fuel cell Special Committee, and Consultant from China of the World Resources Institute, Member of the International Committee for Energy.

For a long period Peng Suping is engaged in the work of mine geology and mine engineering physical prospecting, with an emphasis on the physical prospecting of mine geology. He made prominent achievements on the disaster source survey technology and equipment research and engineering application. Besides, he made a series of innovative achievements on the Fuel cell power generation technology field and CO2 capturing and sealing sector. As a principal, Dr. Peng Suping has shouldered a number of national major scientific research and industrialization projects, and 49 provincial and ministry-level scientific research and major engineering projects. He has published and issued monographs as Engineering Geology For Underground Rocks and 148 papers. He researched and developed mine geological radar series products, multi-wave seismograph and related software applications. He has won 2 grade-2 award for national technical innovations, 4 grade-2 award for national scientific progress, and 1 special award, 1 grade-1 award, and 4 grade-2 awards for provincial and ministry-level scientific progress. Additionally he got 15 national software copyrights, and 21 national invention patents. He’s the top expert of national coal industry and technology, awardee of the National Science Fund for Outstanding Youths, the Trans-century Talent Fund of the Ministry of Education. In 2000 he was elected into the first-level and second-level training program for millions of talents organized by seven ministries and commissions including the Ministry of Personnel. In 2002 he was entitled as national excellent advisor to dissertations, and in 2004 he was awarded the Energy Award of Sun Yueqi and the Guanghua Engineering Science and Technology Award of Chinese Academy of Engineering, in 2009 the outstanding field science worker of the Ministry of Science and Technology.