Phase 2: public resources (mid-2020)

Phase 1: Technical content (due for publication by early-2020)

The first phase of the GAB project involved pulling together the latest technical information about the GAB, putting it through a robust peer-review process and publishing it in a reputable global industry journal. The project selected the international Hydrogeology Journal as a great mechanism to help get the latest technical information gets into the hands of the people who need to use it.

Phase 2: Public content (due for publication by mid-2020)

The second phase of the GAB project will involve the production of a set of public facing materials including  videos, illustrations, flyers and mythbusting content. We will also be taking the key learnings out on the road next year, to share them with communities who live and depend on the waters of the basin.

Spoiler alert: we can tell you that instead of the Great Artesian Basin, we think it should be called the Great Artesian Basins as it is actually made up of several basins, including the Surat Basin, the Cooper Basin, the Bowen Basin and the Eromanga Basin. Across the vast area covered by the basins (which is around a quarter of Australia), there are widely varying degrees of interconnectivity across and within the basins.